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State of the Rabbit address   
09:52am 21/12/2008
  The Rabbit is good.  

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08:32pm 05/10/2008
  words words words words  

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03:55pm 21/03/2008
  I heard through the grapevine that there's some retarded content strike going on today and I'm not supposed to post!

Apparently, some morons with an high sense of unwarrented self importance decided we should boycott LJ trying to make money and prevent influx of idiots. Meh. Of course, when you all start posting a day later, that one day of people not making pointless, stupid entries about there furry lifestyle will make a HUGE Impact.

How about show you mean business, cancel your account, and never post again. Then maybe LJ will change there ways.

Can't do that, got to keep posting quizzes and surveys and twits!!

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02:15am 05/03/2008
mood: annoyed
(fakeedit: Initially this was going to be a real twitter post, but after I found out I had to sign up for shit, the tweets can go fuck themselves.. enjoy the rest of my post)

-> /tweet//[timestamp]/ -> Fuck tweets, they are unoriginal, annoying, homogonized, and take the journal out of livejournal.
-> /tweet//[timestamp]/ -> This is the last time I post a twitter entry cause twitters are gay
-> /tweet//[timestamp]/ -> gay like D-Chan
-> /tweet//[timestamp]/ -> lulz
-> /tweet//[timestamp]/ -> Yes, the timestamp is fake and doesn't work, like the rest of this entry, yes I'm an asshole
-> /tweet//[timestamp]/ -> Maybe it's time everyone starts writing in their journals again

This post shipped by FakeAssTwitter

(fakeedit2: pata pata pata pon)

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10:08pm 31/10/2007


fake edit: and yes I am fucking up your frames

fake edit 2: and no I don't care... bitch

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10:24am 11/10/2007
  The ZT Center website finally has a design I am sticking with. I like it, and will now finally be able to have a website I keep updated, yet no one visits!

Feel free tof all onto http://www.ztcenter.net/

(Yes, that is my dream)

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10:10am 09/07/2007
  Get a High Score in LAZER!

All the cool kids are doing it, and a I heard that highscores in lazer can help make you dreams come true.

Play Today!

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03:14pm 20/06/2007
  Death has come for me today.  

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10:10pm 11/06/2007
  WTF, these livejournal assholes are always switching their frontpage up in the 4 months between my regularly schedualed visits. What a shitload of fuck.  

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10:01am 01/05/2007
  New Townhome for the WIN!  

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hmm. oh, look at the time....   
10:21am 09/04/2007
  Every 6 months or some I have to update this wretched thing since Mr. Q moved to Myspace (and is an inactive there as he was here). Here's a few things I noticed:

1) Like seeing my old friend list and the slashed out names. Of course, one left to get a new name, one left for reasons unknown, and one left because we LOLed her to oblivion.
2) I've noticed on the offical M.O.V.E. myspace map, I'm in one of their concert photos. L337.
3) Why is 90% of my friends page shit I could care less about? Crappy emo entries, pictures I couldn't give a rats ass about, people I don't like. The hell? Time for some spring cleaning?

Anyways: Note worthy stuff:

-- Where'd WAGHQ go? Register.com is a ripoff so I let the domain expire. Parts of the site can be accessed at waghq.ztcenter.net (for example, waghq.ztcenter.net/lazer) I def. didn't mention this example cause there's a new level up begging for high scores ;) Other areas are ztcenter.net which is slowly being completed, though some areas are online. Also, thelostotakus.com which is in the works.
-- D&D turned into CoC for some reason. It went from Hijinks on the High Seas instantly to a sudden survival horrorfest thanks to aqua-gouls on a sinking ship. If I didn't know any better, I'd say right now my Deck Ape has it worse off then Roger Wilson. It was an RPG Genre Bender spectacular.
-- I like working 12-8, no rush hour traffic, and as of right now I am still at home writing a LJ entry. More over, I feel as though I'd be able to get away with this @ work as it stands.
-- We watched alot of anime at anime club this weekend. At first, this seems utterly not worth mention, but the fact is watching anime normally is < 33% of club. It's mostly video games. In fact, last meeting was nothing but a Wii Sports tourney (The MArch Madness Division Finals, Pisser walked off with a $50 EB Games card). I actually *caught slack* for running club this week in such a fashion that we only watch anime. Anime at Anime Club?! You fucker!!!!!
-- Anime was not the only thing, correction, there was Rainbow bright, Beavis and Butthead, and a chance of watching Popples and the Pound Puppies. Also Pink Lady if D-Chan didn't suck!

Please avoid leaving vomments unless the following applies to your life:
-You were mad we watched anime at anime club
-You appear naked on your webcam for fun and profit, and have an entry in Encyclopedia Dramatica
-You have the words 'EMO' written in blood on your wrists
-You know more spells in real life then your D&D character knows in game
-Your name begins with T, A, B, or 6.
-Your the man now dog

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09:33am 29/10/2006
  Yesterday, I went to VGeX and bought a Sega Saturn game, making me awsome!  

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08:41pm 03/10/2006
  Someone should leave me some comments. if they don't, my livejournal world my fall into shambles ;(!!!!!!!!!  

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09:04am 26/07/2006

Lest we forget

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05:28pm 25/07/2006
  Lame Ass Quiz Alert: The Story of my life's soundtrack!

Opening Credits: A Map of Eden before the Storms - Sephiroth
Waking Up: Lightning - F-Zero GX
Falling In Love: black and white(hard) - Fruits Basket
Fight Scene: Drinking - Boa
Breaking Up: Know Where to Run - Orbital
Make-up: Dawn's temptation - Joe Hisaishi (Howl's Moving Castle)
Secret Love: Deeply - Boa
Life's Okay: Beer (unknown)
Mental Breakdown: Track 1 - Silica Gel (SynthPop)
Driving: Stage 7-8 (gradius V)
Flashbacks: Stage 7-4 (gradius V)
Happy Dance: Moving Castle (Howl's Moving Castle)
Regretting: Silence - Kow Otani (Wander and the Colossus)
Long Night Alone: The Outer Space Machine (OCR - Sonic 3) - Relik
Final Battle: Tangent Universe - Donnie Darko
Death Scene: Evil gate Opener II - Shadow Hearts 2
Final Ending: Medusa Bay - Ecoo the Dolphin
Credits: Cantilena - Aria

Yay, why do none of the answers fit, cause it's a lame quiz! Why did I post it? QUOTA!

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05:32pm 06/07/2006
  Me and Mr. Q can't help but notice that NOTHING is going on in LJ world right now.. WTF? I mean, there isn't even a recent Erica post about bands or boredom or some shit I never read anyways.

Get off yer lazy asses and entertain me already!

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08:47am 04/06/2006
  The Milkman... he's probably sleeping on the job..
everyone wants his milk, his milk is delicious..
he'll be here soon, and when he gets here
the lies

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09:38pm 09/05/2006
  Holy mother of fuckers (not to be confused with Holy fucker of mothers) I'm updating this bastard journal. Lets see, what to report:

1) Not a whole lot

Well, wasn't that interesting. In other news, Mr. Q has nothing to report either. Magical!

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01:36pm 12/03/2006

Uh Ohs!

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07:31am 10/03/2006
  *posts in livejournal*  

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